Saturday, 25 October 2008

The Future of Gaming

I have to admit, I haven’t considered this question much but now I’m beginning to wonder, how can gaming change more than it already has? What direction can the industry go in next?

More recent changes consist of the very obvious, so called “next-generation” of gaming which is both the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The title speaks for itself. This change in technology is still something I am in awe of and the way it is used also seems to be improving continuously.

I began to search the web for some ideas of where the gaming industry is headed and I came across some interesting results. The first theory I discovered was the concept of never-ending games. This plan has already taken form with the hugely successful “Spore”. The key idea of this game is that you start at the core and develop. Initially, you are a single-celled organism. You then evolve into a creature which you design. Then you move on to generate entire planets but it doesn’t stop there. You can then expand throughout the entire universe of Spore. So you see the possibilities are infinite.

Even though gaming is moving forward, the handheld is predicted to remain. I read a short article that envisaged the rise of the handheld PS3 or at least a handheld with the power of a PS3 . This is said to be possible by the year 2013.

Next, by the year 2018, the same website predicted the end of game consoles. However, they foretold the design of a device that projects images directly into your eyeball, causing the new generation of gaming. In the even further future, I’ve read that you will be playing games that actually learn. Beyond that, a computer package could exist that is a thousandth of the size they are now. It doesn’t stop there. In the not so far away future, the real-life matrix may be in action and also you’ll be able to download your mind into a computer. Your body dies but you live in a virtual world forever.

The evolutionary stages that the world of gaming undertakes are indeed beyond impressive but will this ever be enough? What else can they think about that can make your gaming experience more real, even if it is potentially dangerous? I respect the developers though because it must be a huge pressure being part of a group who are responsible for keeping the world of gaming from falling apart.

Now, I should add a little more detail into my personal gaming profile. This time I’m going to write about my future of gaming and what I’m looking forward to. In the future I like the idea of never-ending games. I think it would be better for people like me perhaps who don’t get addicted to games easily. I don’t like to spend a lot of time playing games. I also like the thought of owning a handheld with the power of the current “next-gen” systems. The rest I’m not completely sure about.

In terms of games I’m looking forward to playing, well there are quite a few. First off, I’m so excited about the release of “Tomb Raider Underworld” which I think is November 21st. Good times. I’m also waiting for “Final Fantasy XIII” and “Final Fantasy Versus XIII”, “Disgaea 3”, “Resident Evil 5” and “Bioshock”. There are more but these are my particular favourites at the moment.

Right now there are a lot of exciting things to look forward to but there are some that are more enthusing than others. Here is where I stop. Thank you for reading.

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