Wednesday, 19 November 2008

A recap... the good and the bad.

Hi again. Ok, so, right now my blog feels more formal than I like, therefore I feel now I should show some of the work I have done so far. I'll apologize for a few errors in some of my entries before I start. I'm just the biggest newb ever, hehehe.

So, our first project, "Paper Scissors". It was quite interesting coming up with a good idea. I was running out of time and I needed inspiration. I decided that I should brainstorm some possible designs. Basically this is where I chose an old western theme... with a twist.

So this is it. I decided to use a simple cut and fold technique using the cut outs as shadows. The twist is that it depicts a duel between a cowboy and get this... an astronaut. Well Heather did say to use our imagination. Although I still like the idea, the execution could have been better. Luckily I took this photo straight after I finished and before I destroyed it with coffee.

Next I'm going to show the two biggest disasters of all time. I was too embarrassed to present them in the assessment, where now they just make me laugh, so i'll share the joy. "The Wire Project" started off well and I didn't have much left to do but then, the day before it had to be presented to Heather, my flatmate killed it. It was meant to be a horse but now it really doesn't resemble anything.

Hopefully seeing this, you will sypathise for me. I forgot to incorporate nature in it when I made the basic shape so I ran outside, grabbed some twigs and used them for legs. I prayed that it would have some stability but again, I failed.

The next one is even worse. Its the "Self-portrait". This is the other project I couldn't bear to present to the whole group in the assessment but it is pretty shocking.

It started out fine with the neck and the jaw but when I began modelling the face, the clay began to dry and thus became really resiliant. Thats not the only humiliating part though. I then realised I had no clay left for my hair. I would give it another go but as a student, I'm not exactly in a position to be throwing my money around.I'll move on now anyway.

Now for the drawing work I've done. Firstly, "The Canal Project". Unfortunately, I haven't got much experience with drawing environments but I hope I'm getting the hang of it.

I was walking up and down the canal thinking of a good viewpoint. I eventually decided on this one. I think its alright but there is definitely room for improvement. Next is the "The Archway Project".

I feel, again, I could have done better. It looks rushed but I think its all in my line of improvement. Next is "The Fossil Project". I was actually proud of this one.

This is where I see a change in my rendering skills. I don't know why one side appears darker than the other. Perhaps it was merely due to the scanning process but I can't say for sure. I did a number of sketches which I was proud of but I think this is my favourite.

Soon I will need to add some more of my work so stay tuned!

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