Saturday, 29 November 2008

Art direction...

The job of an art director is of dire importance in skilled game art department. They are responsible for the style, visual tenor and quality of a game. And they are also partly responsible for the games contents such as textures, objects, levels, characters and effects that are shown in the game.

The art director is responsible to the game producer, who is way at the top. It’s unquestionably a creative role. Being the lead artist for the art team, it requires a high amount of imagination and willpower to fabricate new ideas.

I don’t think that there is a lot of difference between the art direction of a game and that of a film. Their goals are really the same. The one main difference I’m aware of is that in a game you have control over what direction you go in to unravel the story.

If I wanted to become an art director in the future I would obviously need to be a very talented artist and maintain a creative mind but what is also imperative is that you are a leader. You would need to be ready to give guidance to the team you are responsible for.

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