Thursday, 4 December 2008

Once upon a time...

There are a number of assets that can make a game strong. One of these is the story the game tells. It is particularly important for me that the games I play have a meaning. I love it when you can become involved in the characters lives and feelings. This is why my favourite games are the likes of Final Fantasy and Disgaea. It works the same way when you read a novel. I can’t enjoy the experience if I don’t have any emotional attachment. In that sense I suppose the story happens to me.

Not every game however has a set story which you are simply led through from start to finish. The story in Second Life is whatever you make it. The clue is pretty much in the title. You create your character and wander around this virtual world. That’s all I really know about it. I’m guessing that WoW has the same principal but I can’t honestly say for sure. I can’t honestly say that I’ve played on Call of Duty either but I do know that it has grown massively over the years from a single player war game to one of the most popular online action games in the world.

I guess this means that computer games are becoming more versatile in content and character. They rely less on a set story and allows the player more freedom of choice to create a story of their own.

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