Sunday, 7 December 2008

The Importance of Character

Characters are an essential ingredient to the plot of any novel, film, TV programme or game, whether they are real or fictional. I find that I can’t really connect with a character in a film or a TV show because I’m always aware that they are just actors, although that doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t enjoy what I’m watching.

When it comes to novels however, when I get into it, I can become emotionally attached to the characters. They aren’t being played. They are the imagination or the memories of the writer. The personalities could in fact be real and it is this aspect which draws me in. Excellent characters and a powerful plot are what make a winning novel in my eyes.

Ok, so now I think about it there are maybe a couple of TV shows which I like because of the characters. One of them is “Heroes”. It has a fantastic script, brilliant actors and a great plot. Presumably, these are the core effects that a film or programme depend on to make it a success.

The kind of stories I love the most are fictional. For instance, I love “His Dark Materials” by Phillip Pullman. A childish choice maybe, but it offers everything I look for in a story.

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