Sunday, 14 December 2008

The Element of Gameplay

Ok, so this seems pretty similar to one of previous posts but I guess this gives me an opportunity to understand the true definition of gameplay. Its meaning still seems to be shrouded in obscurity. I still see it as the general experience of a game you play. The aspect of gameplay is important because it allows you to decide whether you enjoyed the game.

When I judge a game, I look at the storyline, the characters and the visuals, not necessarily meaning graphics but the concepts and ideas. I like to know that what I’m playing is new and unlike anything I’ve played before. That is why some of my all time favourites are RPG’s, especially the brilliant Final Fantasy series. But that’s just me and every gamer will have a different perception. I don’t think the word gameplay has a set meaning. The gamer makes their own meaning and judges a game on their own laws of gameplay.

The element of gameplay isn’t something you can choose to put into a game. It’s manufactured with the game, no matter what kind of game it is. The only thing that can be formulated in gameplay is which characteristics are stronger than others.

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