Sunday, 15 February 2009

The Sound of Gaming

In games, sound is utilized to form an atmosphere. For instance, in a survival horror such as Resident Evil, audio is used to create moments of tension. Sometimes they use it to trick you. The dramatic music begins and you wonder what could be lurking behind the corner only it turns out that you’re in a zombie-free zone.

Now, I don’t completely know who the key composer’s are today but I can say whose work I appreciate the most. Firstly, Nobuo Uematsu composed music in the Final Fantasy series which is one of my favourite series. Another composer I have a high regard for is Troels Brun Folmann who composed the music for the three most recent additions of the Tomb Raider collection.

Key sonic moments in my gaming history include the big battle against Sephiroth in Final Fantasy VII. The song for this encounter is called “One Winged Angel” and it’s a truly awesome piece of music and probably one of the most popular of the Final Fantasy series. I also really like how in Tomb Raider when you enter a new chamber, dramatic orchestral music kicks-in, creating an impression of epic discovery.

For my final question, I don’t know if “Good Times” was one of the most influential recordings in the 20th century. But I do know that its creators, Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards are two of the most influential names in contemporary music. I also know that “Good Times” was the birth of modern hip-hop.

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