Saturday, 21 February 2009

Specialized education Vs. Liberal arts

Before I did a bit of research for this week’s task, I didn’t actually have any idea at all what a liberal arts education consisted of but now having a good idea, the thought really does appeal. It definitely sounds like an improvement from a regular education, especially from my personal experiences. But of course, it does have some disadvantages. I would say the main drawback is that it’s much more expensive than your usual education.

I think another problem this day in age is that a lot of career paths would consider a traditional, liberal arts education a little dated and opt for a more modern one when thinking of employment. I believe that the game industry for instance would choose to employ a university graduate specifically trained to do that job.

My actual question for this entry is how can education convene these differing outlooks and make learning a wholesome experience for the students? A particular issue that I and most others had through school was that a much greater student-to-teacher ratio. In a liberal arts college they put fewer students in one class to allow a more personal learning system between the teacher and the student. I think this is definitely a more beneficial way of learning and if you are struggling with your studies, the teachers are more likely to notice. These are some ideas that I would have preferred to have witnessed back when I was at school.

I don’t know if this could be applied in some way to regular schools or colleges but if it was, it would make learning a more calming concept for kids these days.

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